The startups are not smaller versions of large corporations. On the one hand, scientific evidences of new innovations can have better quality more confidently via MedTech practice or relevant processes. On the other hand, the startups have to face a long way along with the death-valley curve  if only focused on MedTech field. Especially, MedTech AI and startup adventure are thus as two extremely-demanding factors. We are determined to make digital assessment innovation globally in healthcare and eldercare sectors via AI enabling technology, as well as other industries by our “eXploration-Service” limited/accelerated to RL (Reinforcement Learning).

Value from Scandicode

• END USERS prefer for elderly supportive wellbeing or independent living via AI enabled solutions, and also to apply RL for other industrial sectors
• PARTNERS enjoy numerous opportunities of developing new services together
• EMPLOYEES are happy in such a revolutionary growth-journey
• INVESTORS love for long‐term exponential impact or growth!


Company Management

juho image

Juho Mattila, CEO 10 years of experience in international sales, brand marketing and product development. Responsible for healthcare/eldercare solution development and marketing, as well as the leadership of the company.

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Sakari Pelkonen, CTO 20+ years of ICT technical expertise & web development experience. Responsible for technological innovation & management, as well as system architecture development.

Dr. Pentti Koistinen, Chief Medical Researcher / Adviser  for steering our R&D innovations based on specialist experience of 17 years in geriatrics and 21,5 years in internal medicine – including Chief of Elderly Care in City of Oulu, Finland (01.06.1999 – 31.12.2006) / Chief Physician, C.M.O., in Oulu City Hospital, Finland (01.10.2007 -31.7.2013).

The remix of combining knowledge from various domains  helps us able to bring great differentiation. The best start-up strategy is better execution – as the no.1 key to successful innovation. We have such a right balance in our experienced management team to implement it!